The Lion King


By Drew Turney

One of Mauschwitz’s most cutesy-sickening stories bought to gagging life by nauseating morals and a dizzyingly bad premise.

The hook is the ‘cycle of life’, where everything dies and the next generation has to take up the mantle. In this case, the king of the jungle in Africa, the lion, has to become king after the death of his father.

But what happens when the crown prince of Africa just wants to be an all-American teen and hang out with his goofy sidekicks?

Responsible for a generation of children believing all the wrong things about nature (that lions live in the one place all the time, that hyenas are psychotic monsters) and also reducing a generation of parents into idiots by identifying the Meerkats at Zoos the world over to their children as ‘look, Dylan, it’s Timone’.

Professionally and technically adept animation but enough to make you puke in every other sense.

Extras :

A retrospective featurette on this amazingly so-called ‘classic’ film from producer Don Hahn.