Anthony Daniels


The time has come, my fellow ”Star Wars” fans, to gear up in your Stormtrooper costume, roll up the Bobba Fett socks and lock your puppy, Greedo, in the kennel for the night – an outing is in order.

George Lucas’ “Star Wars” saga is now out on Blu-ray and suffice to say, the Mos Eisley Cantina will be lucky to see a patron all night.

Clint Morris caught up with C3PO himself, Anthony Daniels, to discuss human cyborg relations… among other things.

“When the first movie was coming out people didn’t even know I was in it,” explains Daniels of the 1977 original.

“I wasn’t in any of the advertising, because they wanted the audience to believe that 3P0 was a real robot. Even though I had a big role in it, nobody knew. They didn’t want people to know it was an actor in a suit. And now, of course, I’m back in the new series.”

Daniels thinks the prequels are just as special as the originals. He spent quite a few months working in Australia on the film and in that time he got to know a lot of the co-stars, including our local talent.

“Joel Edgerton is great. I mean I knew his character, Owen Lars, as a 65 year old. Edgerton walked up to me on set and said ‘I remember watching you as a child,’ and I said to him ‘I remember you as a 65 year old’,” he laughs.

Daniels, like most of the original cast members from ”Star Wars” (1977), admits he never dreamed the little space movie would grow to be as popular as it is.

“I was cast against will actually. I was quite insulted to be offered a role as a robot; I mean I was a serious actor. I wasn’t going to be in some eeird American movie as a robot, yet my agent insisted on it,” he laughs. Now, as Daniels says, that first Star Wars film is one of his favorites.

“It was unpretentious and unselfconscious.”

Daniels finds it hard to distance himself from such a much loved character. “He’s my best friend. I guess we are both stuffed in the worlds we live in.”

“Star Wars : The Complete Saga” is now available on Blu-ray