Spook yourself with this Paranormal Activity 3 Australian Exclusive Clip!


Paramount Pictures has supplied the downunder arm of Moviehole with a new viral clip from the soon-to-unspool “Paranormal Activity 3”.

In this one, the Bandit gives up his truck to… oh wait, wrong movie.

In “Paranormal Activity 3” – which, sadly, is Burt Reynolds free – we learn how the two sisters at the center of the first two movies came to make friends with Casper* the unfriendly Demon.

Here, without further do, is a new viral clip for the flick :

* Names have been changed in this article because a court-case between the two girls and the spite in question is still ongoing.  He said they said ‘yes’, they claim they said ‘no. It’s going to be a long, drawn-out one.