Quick News – October 14, 2011


“Paranormal Activity 3” – New Pics
Paramount have supplied us with new images from the soon-to-spook “Paranormal Activity” prequel.

“Scorpion King 3” – New Coverart
Universal have supplied with us with the DVD coverart for the upcoming “Scorpion King” sequel. This one features Victor Webster (“Mutant X”) in the role originated by The Rock, with Ron Perlman and Billy Zane adding name support.

“The Transporter” – Chris Vance injured on-set
Aussie actor Chris Vance has been injured while working on the TV series spin-off of the Jason Statham movies. The actor had been shooting an action sequence, naturally, at the time the accident occured. The production has been shut down for two weeks. “We want to ensure Chris’ return to peak physical condition before putting him back in front of the camera to continue shooting this fast-paced, action-packed series,” executive producer/showrunner Steve Shill said. (Deadline)

“Boss” – episode preview
Starz are offering consumers a free first taste of the new Kelsey Grammer series. log onto www.starz.com/boss and/or Facebook at www.facebook.com/boss.starz to view the episode. The episode will also be teased across several cable platforms.

“Inside Llewyn Davis” – Lead announced
Oscar Isaac (“Sucker Punch”, “Drive”) will play a ’60s folk songer in the new Coen Bros’ movie. ”The Coens wrote the script, and they have the usual number of stars lining up to play characters loosely based on folk singers like Dave Van Ronk and Tom Paxton.” (Deadline)

“Crime of the Century” – Chris Morgan script sells
“Fast Five” scribe Chris Morgan has, with Universal, exchanged a bundle of greenbacks for a movie script of his. Dan Trachtenberg will direct the film, said to be a high-octaine action-thriller with a science-fiction twist. (Deadline)

“Now You See Me” – Franco joins cast
Dave Franco (“Scrubs”) has joined the cast of the Woody Harrellson/Jesse Eisenberg reunion movie, a heist thriller about a team of magicians being tracked by the FBI. Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman and Isla Fisher also star. (Deadline)

“The Accidental Genius” – Robert Downey Jr to star
Warner Bros has picked up an Adam Gibgot pitch about “an ordinary man [who] awakens from a coma with astonishing intelligence, and visions of a bizarre symbol recognized only by a burnt-out prodigy. Together, the two men set out to solve a hundred-year-old mystery that could change the world. The title refers to a rare but true medical condition in which a person emerges from a physical trauma with heightened mental abilities. ” Robert Downey Jr will star, wife Susan Downey will produce. (Deadline)

“Bop Decameron” – has a new title
Woody Allen’s latest film has been retitled “Nero Fiddled” because the filmmaker thought “Bop Decameron” was too confusing a title. Um… what the heck is “Nero Fiddled!”? (Variety)

“Django Unchained” – Savini onboard
Make-up maestro and Tarantino-pal Tom Savini has joined the cast of the Spaghetti western. The “From Dusk Till Dawn” actor is playing one of the three outlaws that brutally raped and murdered Django’s wife. (The Coventry Telegraph)

“Pacific Rim” – New release date
Warner has moved Guillermo del Toro’s latest up two months from July to May 13. (Deadline)

”The Kids Are Allright” – TV spin-off in the works
HBO is doing a series adaptation of the Oscar nominated film. Lisa Cholodenko, who co-wrote and directed the film, will write the pilot episode (Deadline)

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” – New Pics
Summit has released the first images from Stephen Chbosky’s feature film adaptation of the best-selling book. Emma Watson and Logan Lerman star. (Collider)

“The Muppets” – Trailer 2
A second trailer, trumpeting the cameos, for the Christmas release is online.

“The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn” – TV Spots
The first two TV spots for the first of the final “Twilight” flick/s (did that make any sense?) are online.