Alert! See Joel Edgerton walk the red carpet at the Oz premiere of Warrior!


Get your kodak instamactics and Kylie Mole Autograph Books at the ready!

Joel Edgerton, the “Secret Life of Us” alum who has exploded like a plastic dish in a microwave overseas, is returning home to plug (or is that ‘punch’!?) the bejesus out of his new movie “Warrior”.

Gavin O’Connor’s film is a love letter to both family and mixed martial arts, and teams Edgerton with future ‘Mad Max’ Tom Hardy.

Edgerton is going to be walking the red-carpet – hoping to dodge over-eager “Star Wars” fans, no doubt – at the Sydney premiere of the film. Here are the details :

And for those unfamiliar with the four-star new flick, here’s the trailer :