Watch B-Roll footage from the NYCC The Avengers panel


“The Avengers” was c*ckteased at the Big Apple’s Comic-Con over the weekend. Featured were a panel of the film’s many stars, some new footage and a ‘Hulk’.

We’ve gotten our hands on some B-Roll footage that features clips from the panel and the signing, check it out!

And here’s what folks are saying about the footage shown :

Geeks of Doom :

New footage was shown that centers around Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner, who is in hiding overseas (in what looks like India). He’s tricked into an ambush by Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow. “For a man trying to avoid stress, you picked a hell of a place to hide,” she tells him. He assumes the place is surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but she assures him it’s just the two of them there. Banner wonders how they found him. “We never lost you,” she replies.

S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Nick Fury sent her to get Banner, because they need his help with something and he trusts Fury. “What if I say ‘no’?” he asks. “I’ll persuade you,” she responds. “What if the other guy says no?,” referring to the Hulk. “You’ve been two years without an incident, I don’t think you want to break that streak,” she says.

She goes on to explain that the Tesseract, which has the potential to “wipe out the planet,” has been taken and that the gamma signals used to track it are too weak. Since Banner is an expert in gamma radiation, that’s why they need him. Banner thinks that Fury wants him “in a cage” and starts to lose his temper and goes at her and she pulls a gun on him. He backs away as she holds the gun at him, obviously in fear of what could happen. “I’m sorry that’s mean,” Banner apologizes, trying to get her to put down the gun. As she does, she issues a command into a communicate: “Stand down.” We then see the outside of the place is actually surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. “Just you and me?,” Banner says.

The scene ends and a montage of footage from the movie is shown. We see Stark Industries with Tony Stark talking about The Avengers. This is intercut with Iron Man flying and some fighting action. Tony Stark talks to Loki, who says “I have an army.” Stark with the group, he playfully pokes Banner and says “You really do have a hold on this.” [He said some other stuff, but the crowd was screaming too loud to hear it.]

EW says :

It starts with a little girl in what appears to be India convincing Bruce Banner (Ruffalo) to help treat her ailing father. However, when they show up at the house, the girl sneaks out the window and he quickly realizes he’s been duped. The rest of the scene consisted of a confrontation between Banner and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) as the leather-outfitted S.H.I.E.L.D. operative tries to convince him to come with her without awaking the not-so-jolly green giant. It appears that Nick Fury and Co. are trying to track down the tesseract—that glowy blue cube from Captain America and (briefly) Thor—by its faint gamma radiation signature, and no one knows gamma radiation quite like Dr. Banner. There are a couple of moments where Ruffalo almost loses his cool and we feel like we might see a glimpse of the Hulk, but alas, his id is successfully suppressed.

The Examiner :

The majority of the new footage focused on Ruffalo’s non-Hulkish Bruce Banner. Banner is hiding out somewhere in the Middle East (I think) and is approached by a local child who asks Banner to tend to her sick parent. That was a ruse. When Banner arrives at the child’s home, Scarlett Johansson’s Agent Romanov appears and explains to Banner that Nick Fury really needs Banner to come in. It’s during this exchange that we learn that Banner hasn’t had “an incident” in two years. At one point Banner screams at Romanov! Still no Hulk! (In a later scene, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark tests his luck with Banner, too, with no Hulk.) It seems that Banner is much more in control of his alter ego these days. After, this led into a montage of clips that ends with the much-ballyhooed Tony Stark, “We have a Hulk” scene that was shown at D23 back in August and a sorta bitchy confrontation between Captain America and Stark — “Is everything a joke to you?” asks Cap’, “Funny things are,” answers Stark.

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