The star of the next Transformers movie may be Expendable!


Earlier today Hasbro’s money-men revealed that they’ve spoken to Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg about continuing the “Transformers” series. The fourth film, by the sounds, would be somewhat of a restart for the franchise with Shia LaBeouf hanging up his ‘I Heart Bots’ shirt for the instalment.

According to Variety, screenwriter Ehren Kruger (“Scream 3”) is said to have an idea that encompasses two “Transformers” movie – so, a “Transformers 4” and “Transformers 6”.

With LaBeouf out, the trade says another big-name will be roped into dance with the decepticons… and it’s a name we’ve heard mentioned before in relation to a new “Transformers” (so for all we know, it’s simply the faux Chinese whisper reaching someone at a major publication – late).

One element that won’t return: Shia LaBeouf, who’s said he’s moving on, giving Paramount the chance to pair a new face with the shape-shifting robots. Though one name — Jason Statham — has been bandied around by sources close to the production, no offer has been made.

So what do you think? Should Statham be the star of the next two “Transformers” movies? Or might he be better off to chase the role in the next two “Fast and Furious” movies he’s being eyeballed for?