A new, electric DeLorean? YES PLEASE.


This could just about be the coolest thing ever: a real-life, electric DeLorean!

Ok, so it’s not TECHNICALLY movie news. But it’s cool news, about a movie. Three movies, in fact!

The car made famous by the “Back to the Future” trilogy is being remade into an all-new, electric version! Unveiled at the ¬†International DeLorean Owners Event in Houston, Texas- the plans are to go into production in 2013! Pics courtesy of¬†Jalopnik.com.

I’m loving the iPhone dock, but it is a bit of a headspin seeing it in the present! I just wonder whether it’ll take you through time when you hit 88m/hr?

What do you think, will you be able to pull out some serious cash for a beautiful machine like this?