Video and Photos from last night’s Paranormal Activity 3 Tweet Your Scream screening


As we alerted readers to on Monday, Paramount had selected Melbourne as one of the 20 lucky cities to be treated to an advance screen of spectacular spoofest “Paranormal Activity 3”.

The screening, whose entrants gained admission thanks to the webbly web, was held last night in Richmond.

From 7pm onwards hundreds of fans lined up to get the best seats at the premiere. Michael Christain from Fox FM was MC at the event and kept everyone entertained in the line. There was plenty of screaming and people acting in a freaky manner. Apparently even a couple of the film’s publicists were said to have jumped in a few spots – – and this was before the film had even started. Darn salty popcorn.

Here’s a video and some photos from the Melbourne premiere of “Paranormal Activity 3” :