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Sony may axe Ghostbusters 3 because of Murray’s lack of interest

While Aykroyd continues talking up the script

I think it’s safe to say there’s more chance of an instant ozone fix than there is of seeing a “Ghostbusters III”.

I’ve chalked it up alongside “Romancing the Stone 3” and “Beverly Hills Cop 4” as one of those sought-after sequels that will probably never come to fruition. And it’s a pity. The franchise has legs. Long, attractive storks. I saw the re-issued “Ghostbusters” on the big screen last week, at a special re-release event here in Melbourne, and it still plays terrifically; with it’s emphasis on story, character and laughs, it’s a film that really knows how to work it’s crowd into a lather – even 25 years after it’s initial release. The viewing only got me more pumped for a third film. But having waited for this “Ghostbusters 3” – let’s not talk about the 1989 sequel, besides the ‘He-Man’ joke it didn’t have much to offer (Well, Bobby Brown’s song was pretty cool… at the time) – for the better part of my twenties, and now thirties, I’m not convinced I’ll ever need to iron my glow-in-the-dark Ghostbusters shirt.

And who’s to blame? Well, it’s easy to point the finger at Bill Murray, because he ain’t interested in picking up a proton-pack again, but it’s Sony who are ultimately in charge of freeing whatever bird there in Culver City.

Without Murray, Sony don’t want to do it. They believe a “Ghostbusters III” won’t work without Murray. And while I’ll admit Murray’s a huge part of the franchise, and he has the best moments in the original film, I think it’s ridiculous to think the “Ghostbusters” name itself won’t put bums on seats. You know it will.

In a news item published today at Deadline, mostly pertaining to a new film that “Ghostbusters III” scribes Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg are doing with their “Bad Teacher” employer, director Jake Kasdan, it’s noted that despite rumours that the film is casting and a lock to shoot next year Sony don’t want to do it – not without Murray’s commitment. And at this stage he’s still not doing it.

And as recently as last month, he had not read the script, or if he did, he has not reached out to get the dealmaking started. Without him, I don’t think the film has a ghost of a chance.

On a to-do list since the late ’90s (when Dan Ayrkoyd tried to pimp his “Ghostbusters in Hell” script to Sony), the lucrative pony seems to keep catching a bug that deems it immobile just as it’s galloping up to it’s barrier. Be it for financial reasons, or Murray problems (Bill doesn’t exactly want to do the film – heck, they can’t even get him to read the script; at one point Murray said he’d do the film if they made his character a ‘ghost’, which would therefore limit the actor’s screentime, and everyone obliged. And yet, he’s still not having a bar of it), it just can’t catch a break. Nobody wants the movie to happen more than series star Dan Ayrkoyd, who is championing the franchise relaunch for several reasons (mostly, so he can carve himself a comeback), but Sony might be shocked to discover just how many trillions of others would be interested in seeing the film – Murray or no Murray. If I was in charge over there, I’d over Murray the biggest figure the production could afford, if he passed on that, I’d drop the idea of having Venkman in the film and simple entice Rick Moranis into not only returning to acting but having Louis now be one of the Slimer-shootin’ Ghostbusters. He hasn’t got an Oscar, but he’s a damn fine comedian and one I think audiences would be as pleased as punch to see play a central role in the film.

Still, Aykroyd’s out there trying to convince people that “Ghostbusters 3” is coming but is starting to wise up to the fact that Sony won’t go for it if Murray’s not involved.

While doing an appearance at a liquor store in north Toronto to promote his vodka line, the one-time SNL great said the film’s gotten closer to the cameras than it’s ever been.

CTV says :

TORONTO — Dan Aykroyd says he’s fine-tuning a script for a “Ghostbusters” sequel that’s getting closer to reality.

But the Canadian movie star says he’s still waiting to hear whether his co-star Bill Murray will be involved.

“The script is in my truck, so that’ll tell you how close we are,” Aykroyd said Thursday during an appearance at a liquor store in north Toronto to promote his vodka line.

“(Murray) is certainly welcome to walk in the door anytime. We love him. And it’s hard to contemplate doing it without him.”

So tell us, would you see a “Ghostbusters 3” if Murray decided not to return?

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