Trailer for new Aussie film Fat and Back


You’ve likekly seen the film’s subject on the box or in a magazine talking about his mission and to plump up, but for those that haven’t, “Fat and Back” is the journey of one Paul James (PJ), a trainer and high-fashion model that decided to pile on the pounds so he could see what it felt like emotionally, and of course physically, to be overweight.

The directorial debut of Davin Sgargetta, “Fat and Back” offers some incredible insight into just how much one’s image can change the way they feel, think and get around.

The press release and trailer follows :


How many personal trainers and fashion models have ever really experienced what it feels like to be an overweight or obese person? For trainer and high-fashion model Paul James (PJ), that’s exactly what he set out to achieve, in the brand new feature documentary Fat and Back, which is set for completion this month.

PJ is on a mission to get fat. After a lifetime of hard training, healthy eating and using his fit-looking body to make a handsome living, both on the catwalk and in the gym with his personal training clients, he decides to walk a mile in the shoes of the overweight and obese people who claim that he doesn’t know what it really feels like to be fat.

The film follows PJ on his journey to gain 40kg (88 lb) of body fat within six months. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, PJ throws away the healthy eating habits and strict training regime and replaces it with an all-you-can-eat junk food feast. And forget training – the most amount of exercise PJ is up for is a walk from the couch to the refrigerator.

On July 1, precisely six months later and weighing 120kg (264lb), PJ aims to start the long journey back again, effectively starting from scratch as he tries to get back to 80kg (176lb) by the end of the year.
To add to the drama, PJ decides to bring someone back with him, to not only up the ante on the challenge he’s placed on himself – one that he hopes will inspire others to also lose weight – but also to show that anyone can do it.

Things don’t go to plan, and PJ is put to the test throughout the entire journey. Can a fitness junkie really give up the healthy lifestyle and gain a massive 40kg of body fat, only to lose it all again? And in the middle of this epic journey, can he really help the seemingly helpless to change their life as well? What is for certain, PJ will never be the same personal trainer again.

Throughout the film, some of the foremost experts in obesity research discuss the wider issues of the problem, which relate specifically to PJ’s journey, revealing some of the real yet seldom spoken about issues behind the obesity epidemic.

Join PJ on this fascinating and intense journey to Fat and Back!

Trailer :