The Mentalist : Season 3


By Clint Morris

Aussie boy Simon Baker is great in this unique procedural with a twist (not that I’ve had much of a chance to watch it).

In this 23-episode second season, Patrick (Baker), the psychic cum California Bureau of Investigation consultant who has a knack for seeing clues nobody else does (“hmm, now why would a bread crumb be on the floor of the home of someone who only eats pita!?’), has a run-in with a new boss who seems less interested in playing as part of a team and just being an out-and-out ass, while Lisbon and Cho’s skeletons start tiptoeing out of the closest.

Really solid show this. Good season.

Extras :

Extras on the bulky DVD set include deleted scenes and some mini featurettes that assumingly premiered first on the internet.