Crazy Heart Director goes to Wall Street


Writer/Director Scott Cooper is teaming back up with  Fox Searchlight,  only he’s trading in his spurs for a suit!

The “Crazy Heart” helmer is  in talks to direct and possibly pen “The Man in the Rockefeller Suit”  with Donald De Line to produce, according to Deadline.

The book is  based on Mark Seal’s nonfiction book about a  conman, Christian Karl Gerhartsretier who passed himself off as a member of the Rockefeller fam and not only got away with it for almost 12 years but did pretty well for himself because of it, getting a job on Wallstreet and receiving the perks of living the high life with the social elite. In the end, his past came to light following a nasty divorce and kidnapping his daughter.  

 Sounds like it’d be a pretty kick ass flick and Cooper did well with the tone of “Crazy Heart” so I think he’d be able to carry it off with the perfect pitch.

What do you guys think?