Ben Affleck, not David Yates, bringing The Stand to the big screen


Accoding to Deadline, Warner Bros has done a switcheroo on “The Stand” (sounds like a subplot from a Scott Turow novel, no?). David Yates is out as director, and Ben Affleck is in. And can I get a ‘hell yeah!?”

Affleck has proved himself to be one heck of a solid filmmaker, with both “Gone Baby Gone” and “The Town” making many-an-end-of-year top ten list, so this is terrific news for the big screen adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Yep, it ain’t near half as exciting as a headline that reads ‘Rob Lowe and Molly Ringwald reprising ‘Stand’ roles for movie’ – but exciting none the less (removes tongue from cheek).

Affleck, who we all know from that golden thing sitting on his mantle can write well too, will adapt as well as direct the movie.