Summit respond to Milla Jovovich’s Twitter bitchslap over Three Muskeeters promotion


Milla Jovovich probably won’t be offered a role in that inevitable “Twilight” spin-off fixing on Eric Yorkie’s plight to court women.

The actress, displeased with how Summit has marketed her (and husband, director Paul W.S Anderson’s) “Three Muskeeters” movie, has taken to Twitter to pick a fight with the mini major. The actress, who stars in the reboot of the swashbuckler classic alongside Orlando Bloom and Logan Lerman, says the studio should’ve been promoting the film as a family movie not some “Twilight”-esque teen romp. Furthermore, she doesn’t believe the shingle has done a lot to even make audiences aware that the film is out there.

Here’s a screengrab of some of the tweets in question :

Personally, I think Summit – and Hoyts here in Australia – have done a fine job promoting the film. For one, it’s hard to promote a Paul W.S Anderson film, because his films have an increasingly bad rep, but more so to try and convince “families” to go to a “Three Musketeers” movie would be a waste of ad space. No kid is gonna be interested in that movie – not even if Elmo was bareback riding a pony throughout the thing. And the older kids, the one’s about thirteen or fourteen, are going to be seeing “Paranormal Activity 3″or “Real Steel” – there’s just no interest for [yet] another “Muskeeters” one, particuarly one from the “man that brought you Alien vs. Predator”. I say Summit have marketed the thing correctly – emphasisng the all-star cast (one of the main things the film has going for it; they’ve trumpeted Orlando Bloom’s small role in the film which is smart), the action/adventure and the fast-packed popcorn-flick nature of the thing.  It isn’t “Beethoven” Milla, it’s “Muskeeters” and whether you’re flashing your tits in it or not – as is the case here – it’s still not going to have pre-teens dashing to the cinema.

Summit, talking to Deadline, pretty much say the same.

I asked Summit last night what it thought of Milla’s accusations, and an executive pointed out that the actress had been up in Canada shooting the next Resident Evil installment “and working 15-hour days and probably didn’t see the campaign. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about and we don’t know where she’s coming from.” On the other hand, Jovovich is married to Three Musketeers 3D director Paul W.S. Anderson, so it’s hard to imagine she is completely clueless to how Summit marketed the film. Nevertheless, Summit points to awareness in the 80s as a sure sign that the movie was marketed adequately even if U.S. grosses were terrible. “Wouldn’t you think she would call us first about this? It’s frustrating. it’s not the right way to behave. If she has a problem then come to the studio and talk about it.” Milla was tweeting on her flight to Japan where Three Musketeers 3D is debuting at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

So, is there anyone out there who isn’t aware that the “Three Musketeers 3D” has been released? And if so, how’s the closest smell… you’ve obviously been hiding in there for a couple of weeks now!?