Fertile Ground


By Clint Morris

The cheap but effective “Fertile Ground” manages to cook up enough unnerving, spooky haunted house style thrills without trying to emulate similiar-themed films that have come before it, like James Wan’s “Insidious”.

The After Dark release tells of a young couple who realize they’re not alone in their new abode. After they lose their baby, city slickers Nate and Emily decide to move to the country so she can heal and he has somewhere quiet to paint.

What the young couple discover is that the house comes complete with a history of violence – the body unearthed in the front yard confirms the findings – and may actually have a mind and plan of its own. When Emily falls pregnant and it’s revealed that Nate isn’t the father, the two begin to suspect that their creepy house may be behind the impending birth (Yes, you heard right!).

Fun discount day rental.

Extras :

Informative commentary plus a behind-the-scenes featurette.