Man of Steel updates : Shannon talks Phantom Zone, Hairy Clark snapped on set


The troops over at ThinkMcFlyThink have been following the journey of the latest “Back to the Future” “Superman” movie, “Man of Steel” pretty closely. Big comic-book buffs, they seem a little unsure about the project – like most of us, I guess? – at the moment but are nonetheless keeping their finger in the gossip burrough when it comes to news leaks, set pics and gossip from the set.

Today, they’ve posted a video of ‘Man of Steel’ villain Michael Shannon (‘Zod’) on Sky Sports who spoke a little about the differences between how ‘The Phantom Zone’ looks in this film than in Richard Donner’s original movie. Kudos belongs to ComicBookMovie for uploading this vid.

Meanwhile has posted some set pics of Henry Cavill in character as Wolverine Clark Kent :

What are your thoughts, fans? Excited about “Man of Steel”?