Hyla talks to the authority-dodging cast of In Time


This weekend I had the chance to talk with the cast of ”In Time”, which is set in the future where people stop aging at 25 and must work to buy themselves more time. It’s a fun flick with a cool concept and lots of good looking people. A skinny dipping Amanda Seyfried for the fellas and an often shirtless Justin Timberlake for the ladies. (Honorable mention goes to Olivia Wilde, Vincent Kartheiser and Matt Bomer.) I’m digging JT as an action hero. He plays Will Salas, who reminds me a little of the 007 type we saw in his SexyBack video, an early indication that he could pull off a roll like this. But what I don’t understand is why JT, or the rest of the cast, could not pull off answering my very simple question which also happens to be the central plot of the film, “will you share some stories maybe in your personal lives where you may have been hiding or running from the police or authorities.”

Their response left me with more questions than answers:

Justin: What’s the cut off for being prosecuted?
Vincent: It reminds me when we were driving back from Alpha Dog that one night.
Justin: I remember that night.
Vincent Kartheiser: And I got pulled over…no I don’t have any stories. (laughter). I got nothing for ya.
Justin: This film was a sort of a Alpha Dog reunion between Vincent and Amanda and Olivia and myself we were all in that film and yes I remember that night but I don’t have any stories either.

What a tease!! No juicy deets from that fateful ”Alpha Dog” night? We’ll let our imagination run wild on that, but Justin, you’ve been doing this a long time. You must have some stories you can share with us. Nothing from your days in the Micky Mouse Club or traveling the world with *NSYNC?! I’ll let you off the hook for now but you better not be holding out on a great story for Jimmy Fallon… although I would totally understand if you did.

I know a lot of people want Justin making music again (I’m included on that list) but I think its been really fun watching him grow as an actor and ”In Time” is one more flick that shows he has grown and that is something he is not hiding from us.

I’ll be rolling out my interviews with the cast, and the film’s captain Andrew Niccol, over the coming days. To kick it off, here’s the Q&A with Justin Timberlake.