Exclusive : First Steve Jobs biopic ready to go for January 2012…


An internal casting call was issued this morning (thanks to my iPhone, and a sleep-deprived colleague, for delivering me the scan overnight) for the role of – wait for it – the late Steve Jobs in a new untitled feature that’s being prepped for a January 2012 start.

Most details have conveniently been left off the casting call but the casting director names (there’s two; no, I’m not listing them here so you can email them a photo of you sitting on a Macintosh monitor in ’96) and contacts (again, no) plus a description of who they’re looking for actor-wise to play the late Apple magnate :

Lead. Caucasian, Male, Age 28 to 35. Height 5’10” – 6’2″. Medium to Slim Build. We are looking for the perfect fit to play Steve Jobs of the late 70s and early 80s.

In other words, likely an unknown.

And if so, how about this guy?

Sounds like an independent feature on the rise of Jobs – that whole “Pirates of Silcon Valley” era – and the formation of Apple, and in turn, competition with Gates. Aaron Sorkin is being courted to write a biopic on the man for Sony but since the man hasn’t even put pen to paper on that yet, let alone a contract agreeing to, and the fact that the pay rates on this film indicate it’s of a lower-budget, it’s safe to say they aren’t one and the same.

More details when and if I get ’em, kids.

Interesting to see these Jobs biopics getting underway so soon, but surprising? hell no.