Exclusive : Further casting updates for Burt Wonderstone


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By way of morse code (that’s what I call it whenever actor David Morse drops me a line), or even just boring old email, we’ve got more deets on who Steve Carell and Jim Carrey are still searching for over on “Burt Wonderstone”, their new New Line-produced Vegas magician comedy.

Firstly, for the backstory sequences that precede the film they’re looking for a young…. Steve Carell.

Are you that skinny, dark-haired nerd type with a penchant for saying things louder than needed when excited!?

10 to 12 years old, MUST bear some credible resemblance to Steve Carell, he’s a dorky, runty kid, often picked on by a young bully. A latchkey kid, Burt discovers the joy of magic watching Rance Hanson on television. Soon a master of the tricks in Rance’s magic kit, Burt finds himself a popular attraction at school. Even at 12, Burt has a sense of drama and presentation…4 speeches & 18 lines, 7 scenes

16 to 19, again MUST bear a resemblance to Steve Carell. Seen at age 16 and into his late teens, he and his partner, Anton, perform their magic show at various venues, including The Tonight Show…1 speech & 2 lines, 4 scenes

This 12 to 13 year old bully enjoys taunting Burt, later mocking Burt’s magic show. Asked to participate in one of the tricks, he accidentally hurts himself and takes off running…2 speeches & 7 lines, 2 scenes

Around 12, this super-cute girl compliments young Burt and young Anton on their magic tricks…1 line, 1 scene

Earlier today, word leaked that the production is currently testing actresses to play the female lead, Carell’s love interest, assistant Jane. Every typical candidate was on the list. I’ve been told of a few others though…

Deadline said :

The short list for the female lead right now is Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Judy Greer, Sarah Silverman and Jessica Biel, I’m told.

That’s all true. Plus there are a few other names in the mix that are being considered, including : Lake Bell (“No Strings Attached”), Jessica Alba (“Spy Kids 4”), and Eva Longoria (“Desperate Housewives”).

Elizabeth Banks was also a contender (and that might’ve been fun, considering Carell and her had great chemistry in “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”) but a scheduling clash may have prevented that from happening. Probably that “Hunger Games” thing. Whatever that is.

I’m hearing Silverman is very popular with a lot of the team. Could be a good gig for her. ‘Bout time she was given a more sizable role on the big screen than ‘blowjob hottub girl’ in “There’s Something About Mary”. But considering she turned down the female lead in “Clerks II” all those years ago because she didn’t want to play ‘the girlfriend role’, how did she end up even in that audition room? DirectTV bill due?

Oh, and here’s the synopsis for “Burt Wonderstone” :

STORY LINE: Longtime Las Vegas favorite, magician Burt Wonderstone, and his sidekick, ANTON LOVECRAFT, have allowed their show to grow stale, while up-and-coming STEVE HAINES, is stealing the limelight. Entitled, cynical and jaded, Burt finds himself out of a job and broke, while Anton heads to Cambodia to spread the joy of magic to hungry villagers. It takes Burt’s original mentor, RANCE HANSON, to talk sense into glum Burt, as well as a good kick in the keester by his adoring assistant, JANE, to get Burt on track — back doing magic with all the zeal and passion that compelled him as a youngster…