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Sylvester Stallone is a Tomb raider

Takes over from Schwarzenegger in the Prison-set thriller

First Bruce Willis was said to be interested. Then Arnold Schwarzenegger flirted with it. But seems “The Tomb” has gone to Bruno and Arnie’s “Expendables” co-star, and former ‘Planet Hollywood’ partner Sylvester Stallone, according to Variety. Yep, seems you can play mix-and-match with ’80s action stars.

Antoine Fuqua was onboard to direct back when Schwarzenegger was considering the film, but he left at the same time the Oak did (Arnold ultimately chose to do “The Last Stand” for Lionsgate over “The Tomb”). With Sly’s anointment, consider a new director located and locked within a couple of weeks.

Somewhat of a filmish twist on TV’s “Prison Break”, “The Tomb” fixes on a prison security expert who tries to escape from the prison he helped design. I imagine something along the lines of Stallone’s “Daylight” with the odd nod to “Lock-Up”. And yep, sounds good to me.

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