Exclusive : Some of the new films to be unveiled at AFM next week are…


Clint here,

So most of you know my producing partner and I have got a film doing the rounds at AFM, and another shopping on the other side of the world – here. I don’t know how, say Joel Silver or Andrew Stevens does it – we’ve only got two completed films we’re shopping and they’ve usually got half-a-dozen or more on the go. Whatever the case, we’re actually premiering one of these the night “Immortals 3D” has it’s preview screening… which kinda sucks… but whatever-the-case, we’re hoping to get some buyers in. I’m thinking of taking my shirt off, putting some sandals on and brandishing a plastic sword to draw in the money-men to the Village cinema. I’ll have to shake that thing I guess.

Talking with several folks who will be at AFM next week today, heard about some pretty fun films that some of the mini-majors will be hoping to chalk up some sales there this year. I’ve also gotten quite a few emails about films being shopped, over the past few days, so I’ll mesh ’em all together here. I’m guessing some of you B-movie lovers will be interested in reading this….

Former “Everwood” fave Treat Williams is teaming with prolific B-movie man Roger Corman’s New Horizon Pictures (“Death Race 2000”) for slumber party-fodder “Attack of the 50-foot Cheerleader – in 3D!”.
Jena Sims has the lead role of college cheerleader Cassie Sims, a young woman who downs an experiment drug that basically gains her Hulk-like strength, Supermodel-looks and Superman-esque stamina. Unfortunately, the drug’s side-effect is that it causes it’s carrier to grow larger.
80’s icon Sean Young (“Wall Street”, “Blade Runner”) has also signed up for the film, now in pre-production under the direction of Kevin O’Neill. And I’m not sure, but I’m guessing – despite the 3D – this is a direct-to-DVD offering. It sounds like a fairly junky flick, but I tell ya, I’d much rather watch something like this – particuarly if Corman is involved – than “Bloodrayne 4” which Uwe Boll will be stumping next week, too.

There’s one that sounds good called “Lancelot” which stars Brandon Routh as a role-player, dressed as a ‘dreamy knight’, who tries to win over the affections of another cosplay-type (played by Madeline Zima from “Californication”). ‘Lancelot’ finds competition in the young woman’s ex-boyfriend, who is dressed top-to-toe as Robin Hood. The director’s name escapes me, but it was someone I’d heard of before; still, this sounds fun. Cary Elwes has a role in the film too.

An email from ‘Brad’

That Scott Adkins/Isaac Florentine film “Blood Hostage”, first announced over a year ago now, is going before the cameras in July of next year and they’ll be hoping to find a home for it at AFM next week. This is something different for the “Undisputed” franchise duo; Adkins will play a solider who is asked by his ex-wife to go in behind enemy lines and rescue her current husband. I’m guessing he’d rather leave him there to get strung up, but helps anyway… out of the goodness of his heart and a keenness to kick butt. I know Isaac has another film he’s shopping at AFM too, it’s a 3D film called “Prometheus Unbound”, and it’s about a human weapon (a ‘Universal Soldier’ type) – not sure whether the former’s go-to guy Adkins is attached to play the role though.

Speaking of martial-arts titles, there’s the Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steve Richards and Cung Le thing called “Dragon Eyes 2” that ILM is plugging away there too; posters will be up first-day. This is the film producer Courtney Solomon was telling me about a few days back.

My old mate Andrew Traucki, who did that the shit-hot-amazing “Black Water”, is doing a jungle-centric thriller called, simply “The Jungle” . The pic sees a team of conversationists headed into a jungle to catch a rare Alpha-male leopard that’s been terrorizing villages. Instead, they come face-to-face with a horrifying ‘apex-predator’. The film is set in Indonesia. And apparently Schwarzenegger isn’t cameoing. No Larry Fishburne either.

An email from ‘Rob’ on a film Sam Raimi is producing :

Jay Baruchel is starring in “Murder of a Cat”, a new Lionsgate black comedy about a young man – and a woman the cat was living a double-life with – who seeks vengeance against those that killed his feline. Sam Raimi is producing, Gillian Greene Raimi directing. JK Simmons newly attached. Script is good. I will send artwork shortly

John McNaughton of “Henry : Portait of a Serial Killer” fame (who is actually directing my good friend Juliet Landau in a play, as we speak!) is back with a new film called “Shoedog”. Featuring an ensemble cast including Heather Graham, Sam Shepard, Kris Kristofferson and P Diddy, it’s about two cats, a white chap and a black chap, who get caught up in a crime. I don’t believe McNaughton wrote the script. But I’ll have to check on that.

Here’s one that’s been sitting in my inbox for a while, from ‘NB Bruze’

Heads up. Mickey Rourke and Tony Scott are selling rights to a new mobster movie at Santa Monica in November. Two Jersey mobsters are sent on a simple mission: send a message to their boss’s rival by wiping out his Puerto Rican compound. The hit takes on new meaning when they discover a six year old girl in hiding. Suffering an uncharacteristic bout of conscience, they allow her to live. All hell breaks loose when the hit men later learn the little girl was the actual target and they were set up to execute a plan of cold-blooded revenge by killing the child of the woman the mob boss once loved.

Also, that “Breaking Wind” movie I told you about a while ago – the “Twilight” spin-off from Craig Moss – is looking to find shelter at the market.

And here’s a few sales posters for some of the films that we’ll be hearing about in a few days :