Supernatural : Season 6


By Clint Morris

Pretty slick series but one that’s starting to wear out its welcome (but what show isn’t by the sixth year, right!?).

Tween muscle Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are the charger-driving monster-mashing brother duo who, in this sixth season, reunite after one of them was sent to flight centre’s destination-of-the-month, er, hell (in the season 5 ender); that’s nice and all, but forlornly the resurrected sibling has returned without his soul (but did bring his hair gel back, so don’t stress chickies). Always a problem.

In this episode set the boys take on everything from vampires to demons. 22 reasonably fun (some are a bit meh) episodes on this ostensibly perpetual televisual offering.

Extras :

Fans are spoilt for peeper-food in this regard. There’s a couple of documentaries, one on Jensen Ackles’s directorial debut and another on the show’s mythology, also a couple of audio commentaries from the crew, and a trivia track.