AFM Teaser Poster and Press Release for Robert Forster starrer Room & Board


Since we published our preview of some of the film’s to look forward to at AFM we’ve had quite a few emails from producers, writers, sales agents and friends of Gary Busey asking if we’re interested in info and/or artwork for the films they’ll be stumping at the American Film Market.

Of course we.

Asif Akbar, the VP of Development at Fleur De Lis Film Studios, just sent over the new artwork and a press release for a film they’ve got starring “Room & Board”. A horror flick with cannibals as the villains, it stars veteran actor Robert Forster (“Jackie Brown”, “Mulholland Drive”, “Alligator”), Kane ‘Jason’ Hodder, and the always-great Robert Loggia (“Big”, “Innocent Blood”, “Scarface”).

Here lies a poster…

there lies a press release…

Bloody “Room and Board” opening its doors in Louisiana

Guests are dying to get in and end up on the menu

Beautiful women. Passionate sex. Blood and cannibalism. Dark humor. “Room and Board” has it all. “Works of fiction tend to have special impact when they’re rooted in actual events. This project was born out of an incredible true story I read in a newspaper. The script was inhabited by interesting characters and eventually took on a life of its own,” said Julia Davis, writer and director of the project.

“Room and Board” is set in Louisiana’s sultry, sexy, dark and frightening swamplands and bayous. This larger than life picture is sure to whet the appetite of horror fans globally with its origins in a true story straight out of the former Soviet Union. “We’ve decided to explain some of the bizarre behavior of our main characters by tying it to historical events,” explains co-writer Rob Neighbors. “The 1933 famine in Ukraine remains one of the least-known dark times in history,” continues Julia Davis. “Premeditated murder of millions through starvation brought on widespread cannibalism, with more than 2500 documented cases during that time period. Witnessing such real-life horrors created one of the most prolific murderers of the twentieth century, Andrei Chikatilo. After his brother was cannibalized by starving neighbors, Chikatilo turned into a bloodthirsty monster himself. While our story features a family of women, we’ve taken creative license in explaining the roots of their madness. This is not your typical blood-and-guts horror movie in that sense. We have quite an intriguing tale to tell.”

But “Room and Board” aims to do much more than exposing dark incidents of cannibalism that have been shrouded under the veil of secrecy in human history. The film’s characters are witty, humorous and endearing, in spite of their evil ways. A mother and her daughters prepare rooms and meals for weary travelers, who later end up on the menu in this “Room and Board”, famous for the best meat in town – food to die for! The host of characters traipsing through the “Room and Board” will have the audience laughing, gasping in horror and leaving with plenty of thoughts to ponder.

“Room and Board” has a stellar cast that is sure to deliver a thrilling experience, including Robert Forster of the famed “Jackie Brown”, Tiny Lister “Zeus”, Jr. from the World Wrestling Federation fame, venerable horror star Kane Hodder of “Friday the 13th”, whose book “Unmasked” recently hit the shelves to an overwhelming response of fans who want to know the real man behind the mask and chainsaw and iconic film, as well as television star William Katt, who first graced the silver screen in the cult classic, fright night original, “Carrie” with Academy Award winner Sissy Spacek.

“Room and Board” is produced by BJ Davis of Fleur De Lis Film Studios, a Louisiana native, who said that “Room and Board” will give an expression “Eat your heart out” a whole new meaning.

Feels almost right to be posting this one on Halloween…