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Steve Buscemi & Olivia Wilde are Going to Make Magic!

Steve Buscemi & Olivia Wilde are Going to Make Magic!

UPDATE! Deadline say Olivia Wilde isn’t  a lock. Yet. “A trade report had Olivia Wilde in negotiations to play the female lead, but I’m told that while this may happen, it hasn’t yet. Judy Greer and Sarah Silverman also made strong impressions, and the filmmakers are waiting to see if Jessica Biel ends up reading for the role. New Line is smartly making the comedy for $30 million, and after Carell and Carrey, that doesn’t leave a fortune for supporting roles. Deadline reported that  a short list of actresses were in the mix for the role.”

Steve Carrell’s New Line project  “Burt Wonderstone”  has been courting plenty of talent lately, including Jim Carrey and James Gondolfini  and according to THR,  they’ve now added two new names to the already stellar cast – “Boardwalk Empire”  star Steve Buscemi and the burgeoning Olivia Wilde.

Carrell’s comedy is based on competing Las Vegas magicians, the traditional magician versus the illusionist magician who is armed with the latest and greatest tricks and thrills.

Think “Prestige” but, ya know, funny (which could prove to be a much better flick).

Carrell is lined up to star at the traditional magician with Carrey in talks to be the face of the up and coming, rival magician.

Newcomer  Buscemi would be cast as Carrell’s faithful partner out of the biz and Wilde would be cast as Carrell’s love interest under the employ of the rival magician played by Carrey.

Personally, I could watch Carrell or Mr. Pink in anything so I’m all for it.

And of course Clint has some extra information on “Burt Wonderstone” casting here.

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