Jeremy Irvine to play a young Colin Firth in WWII flick The Railway Man


Young British actor Jeremy Irvine, who is currently the lead in Steven Spielberg’s movie “War Horse”, has been cast to play the lead in “The Railway Man”, a true story from World War 2.

According to THR, Irvine will play the role of Eric Lomax, a man tortured and forced to work on the “Death Railway” in Japan during the war, after being held captive for being a British spy.

It’s based on the acclaimed novel by real-life Eric Lomax, who after the war tracked down one of the men who tortured him and wrote a memoir.

A doco about this story was made back in 1995 (called “Enemy, My Friend”) but this will be the first tima a drama makes it to the big screen.

It’ll be directed by┬áJonathan Teplitzky (“Burning Man”) and also star Colin Firth as the older Eric.

While Irvine’s other big-budget flick “War Horse” hits cinemas at the end of this year, so we can then judge him before this comes out!