Jason Statham is the Hummingbird


I think, after that god-awful “Killer Elite” I’m going to need a break between Jason Statham movies (the best thing in it, surprisingly enough – considering Statham, Robert De Niro and Clive Owen starred – were the Aussie cast members. Lachy Hulme, Dominic Purcell and Aden Young were all acting their asses off in the film. Everybody else seemed to be sleepwalking through the thing). The guy’s one-note is starting to show a little. Needs to tuck that in and try on something new.

Regardless, people are still interested in seeing him it seems. Deadline says Statham’s fronting “Hummingbird”, a London-lensed actioner from writer cum director Steven Knight.

The swimmer cum actor will play against type *cough* yeah, right *cough* as a damaged ex-Special Forces soldier trapped in London’s criminal underworld, but he becomes an avenging angel when he is able to assume another identity”.

IM Global will bankroll the pic.

You know what I think Statham needs right now? A Guy Ritchie film. Just sayin’.