Gary Oldman sticking around the water tower a little longer; WB wants him for two


One big fat turkey for the Oldman household this thanksgiving; Dad has booked two more!

Gary Oldman will follow up his mustached return to Gotham City with two other high-profile Warner Bros pictures, “Akira” and “Arthur & Lancelot”.

Deadline had the details :

He’s Warner Bros’ choice not only to play the role of The Colonel in Akira (Garrett Hedlund will star in one of the two leads in the Jaume Collet-Serra-directed film), but also to play Merlin in Arthur & Lancelot, which David Dobkin will direct from his own script. The studio likes Joel Kinnaman for the Lancelot role and will test actors shortly for the role of Arthur. Oldman is working for the studio right now in the Chris Nolan-directed The Dark Knight Rises, which is shooting in New York at the moment.

One of my favourite Oldman performances is in the highly underrated “Criminal Law”. If you’ve never seen it, check it out.