Harold & Kumar animated TV series in the works


Those pot-smoking Santa-slaying, Malin Akerman-screwing, Burger-munching buds are headed to the small screen.

An animated “Harold & Kumar” series, based on the successful stoner saga, looks to be inching forward. Comedy Central have raised an eyebrow to the series, and HBO will be meeting with the creatives to talk shop shortly.

Hayden Schlossberg and Jon Hurwitz, writers of all three films in the series (as well as the new “American Reunion” pic which I’m looking forward to sticking my eyes into), tell Collider that an animated series opens up so many opportunities. The things they’d have them do in the series would cost too much, for one, if it were live-action.

Says Hurtwitz :

“What we feel is what works about these movies is the two central characters. It’s this sort of multi-cultural odd couple that everyone’s grown to know and love, and you just take these two guys and you put them in any kind of movie and we feel like we could bring them on a ridiculous and surreal adventure…Just the fact that you could take these characters and put them in these different types of movies led us to think, ‘You know what, maybe we could do an animated TV show as well which gives us the freedom to take these guys, and go anywhere with them’.”

Stars Kal Penn and John Cho will reprise their roles for the series, and there’s also the possibility of Neil Patrick Harris being involved, adds Hurtwitz :

“John and Kal are attached. Those guys are fully attached to do the voices of Harold and Kumar. Neil’s very aware of it. His involvement in the show wouldn’t be an every episode kind of thing. Kind of how Neil shows up for a taste in each movie, he would show up for a sort of taste in each season I feel like.”

The good news is, at least for fans of the film series, the scribes don’t intend to stop writing “Harold & Kumar” movies in favour of launching the TV series – they intend to do both.

“Our goal here is not to end the Harold & Kumar movies, it’s just something that seemed like fun for us, to keep it going. It’s a lot of time in between Harold & Kumar [movies] and I think fans would like to just see those characters on different adventures, and that type of comedy works well in 30 minutes. Our hope is that we can continue doing that and continue doing movies.”

So what do you think guys? can it work? And do you already picture the guys headed back to the prehistoric age?

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