Woody Harrelson Joins Seven Psychopaths


Back at the end of September, we learned that Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken were cast in Martin McDonagh’s next film,“Seven Psychopaths”.

Today, Deadline reports that Woody Harrelson, Tom Waits and Olga Kurylenko have joined the above-named trio in “Psycopaths”.

In the film, Farrell plays a screenwriter who struggles to find the handle on his script, called Seven Psychopaths. He gets drawn into the dog-napping escapades of his friends (played by Rockwell and Walken). Once the beloved Shih Tzu owned by a psychopathic gangster (Harrelson) goes missing, the screenwriter finds himself fueled with all the drama he needs for his screenplay, if he can stay alive long enough to write it all down.

McDonagh also wrote the script with CBS Films co-financing. It was also rumored that Mickey Rourke was cast in the film, but a deal was never closed after negotiations took place.