First footage from Snow White & the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron


The first footage from “Snow White & The Huntsman”, director Rupert Sanders’ terrifically Teutonic Snow White fable starring Kristen Stewart and a mound of armour, appeared on TV’s Entertainment Tonight today. Naturally, someone pointed their iphone camera or handicam (hard to tell, it’s woeful quality either way) towards the television as the typically in-depth (heh) ET coverage rolled. Apparently the footage will actually screen on tomorrows episode, today’s was merely a tease of what’s to come. We got our first look at Charlize Theron’s apple-purchasing Queen doing the ‘mirror, mirror..’ thing, and she looks like a nasty pastie, Kristen Stewart is the kissable pale ‘Snow’, and Chris Hemsworth’s swinging his sword about. Oh, and Mark Steines gets to ride a horse ‘bareback’.