By Clint Morris

A sequel to “Faster” (not to be confused with the Dwayne Johson film of the same name; which, in turn, Is not to be confused with the moldy, stinky soap that floats at the bottom of a urinal), the aptly titled “Fastest” is one of those films that offers well, pretty much more of the same. And that’s just fine; particularly when the film falls squarely into the ‘fast bikes bolting around a track’ genre.

Mark Neale’s coolant-charged doco fixes on the ongoing competition run privately by multiple world motorcycle racing champion Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

Its an exciting profile for bike buffs with Neale capturing every heated race, accident (and there’s more than a couple of serious ones; including the death of a colleague) and verbal vomit of the twosome.
The film also serves as somewhat of an education for non-bike fans by explaining the mechanisms behind motoGP racing but mostly, what propels these men to participate in such a dangerous game.
The weakest element of the doco is that Neale jumps back and forth through time too much. Rather than simply beginning in one year and ending the film in a later year he simply throws it all in – everything from over the years – and quite frankly, it gets frustrating keeping up with the game of celluloid hopscotch.

Structural issues aside, “Fastest” still remains an engrossing, interesting and loud movie experience. You’ll smell the rubber a good block from the theater.

Narrated by real-life petrol-head Ewan McGregor.