Cougar Town : Season 2


By Clint Morris

Suburbia. Florida. 40 year-old divorcee Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox, ”Friends”) juggles men young and old, a dimish ex-husband (Brian Van Holt), and keeps her unbalanced friend (Christa Miller) balanced.

There’s a few things missing Courteney Cox’s latest sitcom – namely, er, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross.

Still, and much to my surprise I’ll admit, the show has done quite well – I’d even say it’s broken the ‘Friends curse’ that’s plagued that show’s stars since they all handed in their keys to that oh-so-familiar apartment.

But why has it? Why has this only meekly-funny 22-minuter succeeded while ”Joey”, ”Mr Sunshine” and ”Dirt” didn’t? Well, the marketing campaign couldn’t have hurt, and the fact that the guy that was responsible for the beloved ”Scrubs” is in charge of the show is a plus too, but I’m guessing people simply watch it because they love… Monica, er, Courteney.

I’m at a loss to explain otherwise.

Look, the show isn’t without it’s moments – though sadly the show dips whenever Cox is solo on screen and the funny Van Holt and the likeable Josh Hopkins, playing the widower who lives across the road, aren’t sharing it with her.

Season 2 brings with it a nice surprise though – a guest appearance by Cox’s “Friends” co-star Jennifer Aniston.

Extras :

A webseries, deleted scenes and featurettes.