So, whatcha think about Billy Crystal returning to host the Oscars?


Let’s discuss : So Billy Crystal has been named Eddie Murphy’s replacement (He did “The Tooth Fairy”, so clearly Crystal’s not fussed about sloppy seconds… or sloppy, for that matter) for the Oscars. Brian Grazer is producing. It’s a damn shame, in my opinion, that Murphy won’t be hosting – he would’ve added some real kick to a ceremony that’s been languid for as far back as I can remember. Crystal’s a fine enough comic, and I know his hosting thing worked wonders back… when he did it for the first few times, but the Oscars need to get with the times. Only so many ‘look! I’m in the movie!’ jokes one can stand, right!?

So what are your thoughts? Let’s talk below… is Crystal a fine replacement? or would you have much preferred to see Murphy or the oft-rumoured Muppets on the podium?