Exclusive : New clip from Matthew Goode starrer Burning Man

Exclusive : New clip from Matthew Goode starrer Burning Man
Caffeinated Clint

I’ve been banging on the last few weeks about the lack of diet soft drink variety in Australia Jonathan Teplitzky’s “Burning Man”. The LBW of dramas – in that it bowls you out and over and leaves you huffing and puffing – it’s a very affecting, very credible piece of cinema that features an amazing performance by one-time Superman contender and ex-Watchmen member Matthew Goode. That boy’s about to sing the statues and pay rise verse. Anyway, you can read my review of the film here.

Paramount Pictures has presented us with an exclusive clip from this truly power-packed movie. There’s moments in “The Muppets” that are bound to stir the senses as well, but what goes on in Teplitzky’s film takes it one step further. Bring your tissues and inhaler, folks.

‘Burning Man’ is the reckless, sexy, funny, moving and ultimately life-affirming story of Tom, a British chef in a Bondi restaurant, who seems to have decided there are no longer any rules he needs to obey. Whatever Tom is up to, his actions seem to be tolerated by those around him. As Tom descends into darkness, fragments of a different story begin to emerge. All the women in his world are trying in their own, very different ways to help put him back together.

“Burning Man” commences Thursday

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