Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart has become a household name fangs – yes, I said fangs – to the success of the “Twilight” film series. As pretty vamp-adorer Bella Swan, Stewart conveys beauty, power and emotions that, though obviously most young teenagers aren’t besotted by vampires (well, then again…), many can relate to. The final part of the coming-of-age tale doused in bloody wolf-bitten rags, “Breaking Dawn” has been split into two parts. We chatted with Ms Stewart about her final film as an adopted member of the Cullen clan.

You look sane and normal today. What we had heard from Bill Condon was you had a crazy life playing a virgin in the morning, delivering a baby in the afternoon, talk about the trials and tribulations? Also, Bella’s become a huge pop culture character. How does it compare to playing Snow White?

Shooting two movies at the same time, with no regard to – it wasn’t something we were initially concerned about. Scheduling wise, it really was – everywhere in each day like Bill said. I think what that gave me was that – she’s thinking, she’s always looking into the future and what she’s going to achieve. Or she’s feeling bad about what she wants. She’s very much in her own head. Being able to play a vampire, a human, a pregnant woman – literally sometimes in the day.. it helped remind me that it all was equally important. Everything felt very close. If we did it more systematically, it wouldn’t have been the same. It was so overwhelming that it was a good thing.

As for the iconic role, I guess the only actual comparison is that they really both are matriarchs. Very strong that need to find their position. But it’s so different. Snow White was really never.. I didn’t grow up on fairy tales. I didn’t grow up with Twilight.

You’ve had success away from ”Twilight”. How have you avoided being typecast?

I’ve done pretty – the movies I’ve done in between, I”m really lucky they’ve been very different. Not just because I meant them to be. They just happened to be very attractive to me. Right now is the first time I haven’t worked and not known what I was going to be doing. I want to have time off to figure out what my interests are. I want to really figure out what I really want to do.

Drawn to low profile projects to avoid that kind of ”Twilight” buzz?

No, it has nothing to do with the profile.

It looked like you lost a lot of weight when you were pregnant —

Digital. We didn’t have time for me to do that for the role. That’s so cool that you believe it looks so genuine. I feared people wouldn’t like it. It did make me feel like, “UH i hope you guys do a good job making me look that thin!”

What was going through your mind in the wedding scene?

I had a million different things going through my head. I kept telling myself “stop stop stop” I can’t ruin it. I was so in the right place to do that I just needed to do it, stand there, walk, see everyone. I know the story so well. Remembering my lines is the last thing I think about. If you know a story so well, the lines just come out if someone asks you/provokes you in the right way. I kept telling myself to find myself in this moment.

You, Taylor and Rob have been this since the beginning. What do the guys bring to the experience?

I couldn’t have done – I guess if you put different numbers in the equation you’ll get a different answer, but I can’t imagine doing this without Rob and Taylor. When I don’t see Taylor for a while, I go and call him. When you work with great people like him, you just love it. We got along and it shows.

Fans tell me you inspire them to be themselves. What do you think about that?

I love that. I hate when people say “what advice do you want to give your fans?” oh god, I don’t even know how to explain this. People that I look up to.. you find people in life who have common interests.

It’s hot in here.

Rob made comments saying the wedding was practically real because you said real vows and you were pretty much married.

The priest couldn’t even remember the lines! He’d say our real names. Was he a real minister? I’d like to find out [Laughs]
This movie does have every mile stone. It crams a lot of milestones into one movie. It was a unique situation. All of the imposing elements. Every single time I think about this film, I think about a cat. In the corner. Claws out. Belly swollen. “Stay the Fuck away from me!” That’s how I relate to the scene.
Yeah, lots of milestones. Heavy heavy.

What’s on your iPod right now?

This is really hilarious. I’m doing Snow White right now. It’s really weird being here right now to be honest because I’m so involved in Snow White. Adele’s new album is honestly… I’ve choreographed whole marches with my army behind me. It’s really good for the Snow white story, almost too good for it. She’s incredible. My regulars.. everyone knows what I listen to already, it’s very boring.

What part of Bella sticks with you?

I don’t really.. I’m pretty wrapped up in her and vise versa. I’ve always felt you really project yourself onto that character. If you’re the type of girl to identify with Bella, you just are her. I’m asked “so how do you make her different?” I’m like “yeah but, I do feel like i am her. For her.. somehow i could not disagree with her ever, and I didn’t.”
We’re pretty similar at times, but at times not. Hard to say.

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