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Kloves may write Man of Steel sequel

According to Jamie over at ThinkMcFlyThink, the WB have already convinced Jeff Robinov to walk down the main street of Burbank with a sandwich board lassoed around his neck with ‘writer for Man of Steel 2 needed’ chalked on the surface of said sign. And if that were how it was done in Hollywood, Uwe Boll would be making more than just a couple of movies a year.
But I digress, Warner are indeed already looking to follow-up their Superman reboot. No surprise that they would want to do another ‘Superman’ movie sometime in the near future BUT you’d think after the mixed reaction to “Superman Returns” but also some of the allergic reactions people have been stricken with after seeing some of the set photos from “Man of Steel” they might want to wait a bit!? No? Or maybe Warners are happy with what they’re seeing and are convinced the film is going to be a huge out-of-Phantom-Zone hit. That’s possible.
Either way, several writers are being considered for scripting duties on “Man of Steel 2 : Wolverine’s Revenge”, including… Lawrence Kasdan. Ain’t that sweet!? But Kasdan is second to Steve Kloves, the “Harry Potter” writer.

We’re hearing through the grapevine executives in Burbank are very happy with what they’ve seen from The Man of Steel so far. Both regarding the latest round of rewrites as supplied by the Mulroneys (the husband-wife writing duo behind the unmade Justice League: Mortal and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) among others and the footage assembled.

Production doesn’t wrap ’till the start of 2012 and even then Zack Snyder’s Superman epic will have another year and half before the general public votes with their wallets come June 2013. Nevertheless, Warner Brothers already has their sights set for a Man of Steel follow-up and gone as far to commission a shortlist of writers with Steve Kloves at the very top in addition to Travis Beacham and Lawrence Kasdan.

Keep in mind, no meetings, deals, etc. have gone down with any of these guys and/or their representation. Beacham (hot off his Pacific Rim script at WB/Legendary) is quite the active Twitterer. So it wouldn’t surprise if he denies this, and that’s perfectly fine. This is WB’s way of covering their ass and keeping stuff lined up in the event The Man of Steel goes over as well as they’re hoping and, so far, feeling based on everything they’re seeing.

I can’t believe the Mulroney’s, whose “Justice League” script was one of the junkiest libretto’s I’ve ever read, saved this ‘Superman’ movie. Good for them!

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