Latest on Star Trek sequel : Shooting date, Locations, Scripting and Villain rumour


There hasn’t been much on the “Star Trek” sequel since, well, the last “it’s been pushed back a few months” excuse. Originally set to shoot sometime in September (At least according to Simon Pegg, who told me he’d been asked to clear that month for shooting on the film) and initially penciled in for a 2012 release (it’s not 2013), the Bad Robot effort has had to play an impromptu game of date switcheroo quite a few times this year.

Latest, according to TrekMovie, is that the sequel to the 2009 reboot will begin filming January 15th.

The script is done, there won’t be a lot of new sets to build – because they’re reusing the ones from the 2009 movie, and J.J Abrams may have chosen Hawaii as the filming locale for the flick.

The aforesaid site reports :

TrekMovie has learned that Abrams himself traveled to Hawaii to scout a location which is being seriously considered for a “jungle planet.” Shooting will also include a museum in Los Angeles standing in for what a source said was a “famous Star Trek location.” As per usual with a Star Trek film, studio shooting will take place on a number of stages on the Paramount lot.

Hawaii, of course, stood in for the ‘island’ on J.J Abrams’ hit series “Lost”, so he likely knows all the good spots and all the good peeps to make this so.

The site says the movie is expected to be “bigger” than the 2009 “Trek” but hasn’t any details on it other than that.

ThinkMcFlyThink say, however, that the film may feature one of the more popular villain brigades from Trek Lore.

From what we’ve heard the Klingons play a prominent role in Star Trek 2. The angle, according to our sources, plays up them up as a Nomadic sect of warrior aliens causing trouble for the Federation – think an intergalactic Taliban with their home-planet overrun by Tribbles. Yes, those Tribbles, here in the newly rebooted continuity viewed as “furry carnivorous creatures.”

Oh, and no Khan. Thank God.

With Benicio Del Toro rumoured for a role in the film, and taking the previous site’s scoop into consideration, one can only assume he’s going to go all Christopher Lloyd and make friends with Klingon make-up?