Ice Cube and Chris Tucker may have plans for Friday


I still remember going to see “Friday”, the ‘hood laffer from the mid ’90s starring Ice Cube and a then-unknown Chris Tucker. Nobody much in the cinema, from memory; it was pretty much just me, some buttery popcorn and a soundtrack of cool-ass hip hop. Not that the music was the star of “Friday”; it was the laughs and in particular Tucker’s character ‘Smokie’ that saw the New Line release get a fairly pleasing, overall score on the critic meter.

The film scored several, largely unmemorable sequels. The main reason the sequels didn’t work was because Tucker, whose popularity had increased by the time New Line commissioned part two (“Next Friday”), didn’t come back. He opted to be benched, apparently.

In 2005 word hit jizzed on the internet that a film called “Last Friday” may be in the works – with both Cube and Tucker.

Ice Cube told Moviehole at the time that things were “stirring up” again.

“That’s starting up again and starting to rekindle. Every time I put it to bed, people start to ask about it. Mike Epps is asking about it and John Witherspoon wants to do another one, so when you get those people excited, you start to say hey.”

Tucker was mentioned as possibly returning, too.

“I would love to, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it,” Tucker, ever so head-scratchily said at the time. “But come with a great script and I’ll consider it. We’ll see.”

TMZ and Deadline are reporting that Tucker is being sought for a “Friday” reunion movie being shepherded by series star and producer Cube.

“Friday” co-star Tiny Lister Jr told TMZ what he knew :

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Deadline added :

Cube could be in line to direct it as well, but all that is being worked out. A TMZ report says that Chris Tucker as being in serious talks to reprise his role in the film. They have had discussions and Cube wants him, I’m told, but it’s unclear whether that part is a reality

In other words, yes, there could be a new “Friday” movie in the works and it may star Ice Cube and Tiny Lister. But Chris Tucker? Well, that might take a rimjob from Brett Ratner and some mighty weighty ingots to make happen.

For those who want to form a mental image of a NWA lyric-reciting, hoodie-adorned, trouble-making Clint at 17…