Poster for Josh Lawson, Rachael Taylor comedy Any Questions for Ben?


Roadshow films have released the new poster for “Any Questions for Ben?”?, a new Working Dog production (the guys that did “The Castle” and “The Dish”) starring real-life lovebirds Josh Lawson (“Sea Patrol”) and Rachael Taylor (“Red Dog”). Filling out the supporting slots are a bevy of familiar faces including, my good mate Lachy Hulme (“Boytown”), TV and radio funnyman Ed Kavalee and Jodi Gordon (“The Cup”).

We spoke to Lawson earlier in the week about the film who tells us :

And you’ve also got a project coming out closer to home soon too, “Any Questions For Ben?” [coming to Australian screens in February].

Yeah, that’ll be great. I’ve not actually seen it yet, but what can I say, it was one of the best professional experiences of my life, I just loved every second of it.

Josh Lawson (The Librarians, Chandon Pictures), Christian Clark (Neighbours, Home and Away) and Daniel Henshall (Snowtown) star as three young bro-dudes in their mid-twenties, living it up in Melbourne’s restaurants, bars and clubs.

”Any Questions for Ben?” Opens nationally on February 9th 2012.