Elmo snubbed The Muppets!?


In addition to Steve Carell, there was another cameo player written into Disney’s “The Muppets” that had to be erased from the flat-plan.

Unlike Carell, who simply couldn’t do it due to a scheduling clash (and Mel Brooks, who I hear just wasn’t interested in doing anything but stitching a quilt), ‘Elmo’ was told he couldn’t be a part of it by his lawyers.

Yes, seems they’ve got their hand up the little guy’s butt, too.

“Muppets” star and co-writer Jason Segel appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show (via The Hollywood Reporter) and explained what his initial plans were for the lovable red monster.

“I wrote a scene where we were trying to get Elmo to be the celebrity host of The Muppet Show, and a team of lawyers tells us no,” Segel said. “[Then] that’s what actually happened — a team of lawyers told us Elmo wasn’t available.”

Crossovers between ‘Muppets’ and “Sesame Street” characters have happened in the past (and, of course, Kermit is a star of both shows), in fact I recall seeing Big Bird on “The Muppet Show”, but seems Elmo’s handlers think their client is above joining the likes of Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black as one of the “Muppets” many cameo players.

Or.. maybe Disney have plans for Elmo to take center stage in his own movie in the near future? (Something that doesn’t have Mandy Patinkin stealing Elmo’s blanket, preferably). Very possible.

Or.. maybe the film isn’t considered squeaky-clean enough for the preschool fave? After all, the following sequence was banned from “Sesame Street” for the same reason. “We don’t like boobs ’round here at Sesame Street. Reminds kids too much of Vanilla Milkshakes, and we’re trying to support healthy eating here”.

I’ll get my review of “The Muppets” up for you all, tomorrow.