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Here it is! The Poster for The Expendables 2!

Arnold! Sly! Bruce! Jean-Claude!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original, if only because I like a bit more tension with my throwback (and maybe I set myself up for disappointment, expecting the ‘next coming’, what with that cast), but this next “Expendables” movie might just be the movie I’d hoped the original would. In fact, everything I’m hearing about it – from the script, to the characters, to the action sequences – assures me of that.
If the casting alone wasn’t cool enough – Jean-Claude Van Damme has joined the cast as the villain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are back for bigger roles, Chuck Norris has a part, Scott Adkins too – check out the poster for “The Expendables 2” over at JoBlo :

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