Death Race 3 : Inferno First Pic, Casting News, Praise from the Set..


With scribe Tony Giglio posting a behind-the-scenes pic from the film (below), I thought it time to share some news on the flick.

Underway in South Africa, and fueled by the horsepower of hot legs, motor oil and burn masks, Universal’s “Death Race 3 : Inferno” is shaping up to be one cool little direct-to-DVD sequel. More about off-road car stuntage than prison-wall dodgem car antics, I can tell you “the flick is crammed with some amazing set pieces and car stunts” that those involved say might just top those in the original [Jason Statham] flick. Good news, but not surprising considering Roel Reine’s “Death Race 2” packed as much punch as Mundine – oh, and Reine’s back behind the lens for this one.

Also hearing good things about Wayne Shield’s cinematography; apparently he’s really opened up that filmish canvas, giving the film an epic look not usually required of home vid premieres. The flick has Frankenstein fleeing the authorities, and anybody else who fancies running him off-the-road, in Mexico, so those nice wide-shots will work a treat.

“Death Race 3” brings most of the cast of the previous sequel back, Luke Goss, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, Robin Shou, and Tanit Phoenix, with Jeremy Crutchley (“The Triangle”) and Dougray Scott (“Hitman”) aboard as new characters.

I’m absolutely loving Goss in the ol’ Carradine part – mucho charisma and mucho likability that man, on and off screen.

There’s talk of “Death Race 3 : Inferno” getting a release sometime in Feb so, er, Happy Valentines day, petrol-heads!