Dora the Explorer : Enchanted Forest Adventures


By Clint and Charisma Morris

My daughter has dyslexic movie tastes; by that, I mean that she started out at the age of 2 watching and re-watching (over and over) the likes of “Grease”, “Xanadu” and, excuse the language, “Twilight” and left the likes of “The Wiggles” and “Dora, the Explorer” to the less film-enthusiastic of her age group.

It’s now, at the age of 4, that she’s going back – a’la Billy Madison – and discovering what she missed out on in her ‘when I was a little girl’ (she’s a ”big girl” now, you see, she doesn’t even need help removing an ice-cream wrapper now) phase.

No surprise, “Dora the Explorer” has become an instant favourite.

Adorning the shelves at home are an empty account’s worth of “Dora” DVDs – the one with the Puppy, the one where she dons a ballet dress, another where she coaxes cousin Diego into eating hash brownies – – oh wait, that’s not real, that’s the result of a trip I once endured. In other words, she near has them all now.

The latest, “Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures” allowed me many hours of catch-up work. Oh, and my little one many hours of enjoyment.

Morris Junior says “this one is good because it has a oonikorn in it”, referring to the fantastical unicorn creature that joins Dora and Boots in the adventure.

His name is King Unicornio, I’m told, and in order to prove he should be running the enchanted forest, he has to man up. Or unicorn up.

There’s a “bad owl who wants to be the boss” of the forest, though, throwing a spanner in the works of Unicornio’s reign stratagem.

The ‘B’ story, or another subplot if you will, to the two-part episode has Dora and Boots joining cousin Diego on a mission to rise the lost continent of Atlantis.

And yes, now my daughter is asking questions about Atlantis.

Educational and Entertaining!? Yep, seems “Twilight” isn’t the series on that recommended watch-list doodled up by the crèche.


I see there’s fun extras on here for the kids – namely music videos of the songs featured in the film – that might earn mums and dads an extra half-an-hour facebook time.