Ask Clint (November 29, 2011)


Thought I best get one of these in before the year ends. I joke, but it really isn’t that far away.

“Toy Story 4”. Yes? No? Maybe?
– Keeley Lewis

Hi Keeley,
Asked one of my moles (no, that’s not a code for “ugly ex-girlfriend”) at Disney for an answer on this one, since I’m not aware of anything happening “Toy Story”-wise outside of the shorts Disney are producing that feature the string section. And here’s the answer “Yes, more than likely. Disney are currently hearing pitches.” Can’t say I personally think there’s any need for another one, if only because “Toy Story 3” concluded the story of Woody and Buzz so perfectly, but will I be there, watching it with y’all? hells yeah!

hey clint when is the three musketeers comeing out on dvd i want to get that movie i thought most coolest movie of 2011 i so want to get the dvd so when is it comeing out then let me know okay holden –

Missed you man. You and the tax-man. I haven’t seen a release date, let alone see “Three Musketeers” the movie, but I know quite a few people (*cough* at the Jovovich household *cough*) agree that it’s ”the coolest movie of 2011”.

hey clint are they doing evil dead 4 or what could write back and let me know okay is it a sequel or what let me know man okay holden
– Holden

When it rains it pours! Unfortunately, no, but an “Evil Dead” remake is on the way – no Darkman or Bo and Duke Luke cameos confirmed as yet though (but cross your fingers!).
Here’s the official synopsis for the remake sir : “Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin where they discover a Book Of The Dead and unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.”
Bruce Campbell (‘Ash’), also a producer on the film, will cameo – but not as Ash. I’m guessing someone with a large chin though.

hey movie hole so since there not going to do the wonder woman tv show that means there going to do the movie now right on the big screen now that would be awsome tho so write back and let me know okay movie hole clint from your pal holden –

You are the wind beneath my wings. Both of ’em. Both wings. Now to your question, a “Wonder Woman” movie has been harder to get off the ground than McG (cos, you see, he doesn’t like flying?) but I’m sure it’ll happen one day. As soon as the stench from the abandoned TV pilot disappears. Should be about 40 years or so.

Hey bro,
loved your 50 more sequels that never happened. I’ve a question for you on a sequel that didn’t happen, “The Wolverine”? The sequel to “Wolverine”. Where is it? –
Chris N

I spoke to someone who had recently met with director James Mangold about mixing it up with that particular hairball on the big screen, and he/she has been told that due to some problems on the Japan side (not quite sure what; politics, red-tape and ill-fated “Grudge” remakes may have something to do with the dent in the relations there) the film has been delayed. Again. They’ll resume talks again next year. I don’t know when the film will happen, but I believe it will – the script is said to be stellar (as opposed to the first “Wolverine”, whose script I’d also use an ‘S’ word to describe).

I’m not convinced “Taken 2” will ever happen cos the first film wasn’t that good. I’m sure you must kinda agree.

Your parents are mean, awful people. Oh, and you’ve really got to start believing in “Taken 2” man…. because it’s already filming. Here’s the first pic from the set. And here’s one of co-star Maggie Grace not on set. But in lingerie.

Hey guys,
Im sure it will come out in Australia but “American Reunion” is a Summer release for America, is it here? You read the script, right? What’s it about?
– Blane

“American Reunion” isn’t a Summer release in either country. It’ll be ready for consumption in Oz next April. I can also confirm a title change for our territory to “American Pie : The Reunion”; Universal did the same thing with “American Wedding” here – they retitled it “American Pie : The Wedding”. Guess they know us Aussies don’t care so much to see Yankees coming together.. unless it’s for food.
In the new film, directed by Hayden Schlossberg and Jon Hurwitz, the graduates of East Great Falls High head home for a reunion – which many of them only find out about thanks to – of course – Facebook.
Coolidge’s on-screen son will again be played by Seann William Scott. In the film Steve ‘Stifler’ is no longer the crude ladies man he was in highschool; in fact, he’s a bit of a loser. Stuck in a dead-end job (where he’s forced to answer to ‘bitch’) and having no luck with the ladies these days, Stifler will be lucky enough to get to the reunion – let alone score with a woman there. A few white lies and one chubby chick later and Stifler may reclaim his mojo.
As for the others? Oz (Chris Klein) has gone ‘Hollywood’, having claimed fame in a reality show; he now lives with money-hungry bimbo Mia in a pricey Malibu mansion; Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) are married with child – though the ‘YouTube’ sensation (Jim’s dance from the first film is now famous) is close to wandering; Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) has been traveling the world, doing all sorts of amazing things; and Heather (Mena Suvari), Oz’s ex, is shacked up with a much-older doctor beau. Also returning are Thomas Ian Nicholas as Kevin, Tara Reid as Vicki and Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad.

Good interview with the Inbetweeners guys. Why didn’t you ask them about a sequel though?

I didn’t need to – they mention it themselves. Did you miss the part where Simon Bird said of a follow-up to the 2011 hit, “You know, potentially, maybe another movie? There are talks but nothing concrete in that regard, though”?

let’s stop crapping on about how good Aussie films are this year and next year. I doubt there’s anything good coming out next year locally.
Stephen Probst

I can tell you that there’s a very enjoyable Aussie film coming out in Feb – that I can’t discuss yet. I can also tell you that Brendan Cowell’s next will bowl you out. And if that’s not enough to assure you that Aussie cinema is alive and well, you clearly didn’t see “A Heartbeat Away”… er, nothing. Forget it.

I have a question, is it true that someone is remaking NeverEnding-Story? If so they can get fucked!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, someone is remaking Wolfgang Peterson’s magnum opus. Oh, that someone? Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo and “Raiders” alumni Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy are developing the remake, hoping to have it in cinemas for 2014. No word yet on whether Leo will play the Rock Monster or the Childlike Princess.
Whilst I’m not exactly (and I guess neither are you?) jumping over the moon about this ‘new adventures of Bastian’ news, I will say that having Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, producers of such family-friendly hits as “E.T” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” involved in the film is a sign it could work out quite good. They’re at least known for making good flicks – albeit one’s that sometimes feature woeful CGI sword-fights on top of moving vehicles (“Crystal Skull” – how you haunt me!).
The original “NeverEnding”, directed by Wolfgang Peterson, was actually based on a German-language kids’ book. It centers on a boy named Bastian Balthazar Bux who discovers a parallel world in a book titled “The NeverEnding Story.” As the boy, a loner, delves deeper into the book, he increasingly finds his life intertwined with the plot of the novel, in which a hero in the land of Fantasia must save the universe on behalf of an empress.
Now apparently Peterson’s film didn’t stick very closely to the source material which this new version will endeavour to do. Needless to say, no elements from the atrocious sequels “The NeverEnding Story II : The Next Chapter” and “The NeverEnding Story III” (yep, the one with Jack Black as the baddie!) will be used for the version.
Still, meh!
If that news gets you steamed up, you won’t like what I’ve just heard regarding a “Princess Bride” remake. And I wish I was kidding. I’m sure that will trickle out in the next couple of days.

Hey Clint,
I know it sounds bad, but is that Channing Tatum movie you reviewed recently “Son of No One” coming to Aussie cinemas?

Afraid there’ll be no big-screen face-off for Tatum and Al Pacino on this side of the pond. Roadshow Home Entertainment tells me that the film will be premiering on DVD in February 2012.

Ask Clint question :
Beverly D’Angelo is apparently writing a new “Vacation” movie with Chevy. What’s the latest on it? She needs to get back on the big screen as much as he does.

Chase and D’Angelo were writing their own “Vacation” script, but New Line has instead gone with a different script for their reboot-sequel, one by John Francis Daley (yep, from “Freaks & Geeks”!) and Jonathan Goldstein. I don’t know how the studio is going to be able to coax Chase and D’Angelo to reprise their Clark and Ellen Griswold for the new reboot, considering they’ve snubbed their script (and ideas, likely), but I imagine it’s going to take a lot of greenbacks.
D’Angelo is headed back to the screen though; she’s just signed for a new comedy called “White Trash Christmas”, with Taryn Manning and Douglas Owens. It’s a twist on the old “Scrooge” tale.

Hey Clint,
you’re an encylopedia of all things classic or shit cinema hahaha, I was telling my wife the other day that “Grey’s Anatomy” was a movie in the ’80s before it was a cinema. Same kinda thing. Right? Nobody knows what I’m talking about but I know I’m right.
Martin Vjoksek

Yes, that’s right, come talk to me about shit not worth watching. Cos I watch it. Hmmm. You are half-right – there was a film called “Gross Anatomy” released in 1989, and it did revolve around hospitals, doctors and relationships, but did it have anything to do with the ABC soap? Nope. As I said, the title, let alone the film, lacked a Grey.
I remember it largely for Christine Lahti; not because she was magnificent or anything in it, or the film itself was that splendid, but because it was yet another ‘Doctor’ role for Lahti – she’d been in the movie “The Doctor” with William Hurt and of course she starred on “Chicago Hope”. May have been another one in there too. But Matthew Modine, then on the downslide, was in the film too.
Here’s a refresher :

I just watched “Thank You For Smoking”. I love Jason Reitman. Is he still working, or did he retire after “Juno”?
Paul Deming

Retire on the riches of both of those films? Ha! No, not unless you can melt back-pats and critical acclaim down to gold (he did “Up in the Air” too). Reitman’s actually got a doozie on the way called “Young Adult” starring Charlize Theron. It looks like the film “Bad Teacher” so badly wanted to be. Here’s a new R-Rated spot from it :