Human Centipede 2 banned in Australia; movie pulled from cinemas immediately


If all movies that made people physically sick were taken from the marketplace, Dennis Dugan and Adam Sandler would be out of a job. But apparently it’s better to feel queasy from dodgy fart, fat and ferocious frock jokes than it is to have to sit through something that’s just good old fashioned horror porn. As a consequence, “Jack & Jill” remains at cinemas, but as of today, “Human Centipede 2” has been pulled from release downunder. Yep, another ‘movie nasty’ is born. Locally anyway.

The classification board has deemed the film, a sequel to Tom Six’s imaginative ickfest from 2010, so horrific it has decided it can’t let it be shown to anyone in Australia (that doesn’t have access to the internet, have pals in the UK or the US, or is Bali bound). Sick pricks sob.

Cinema Nova, who have been screening the film for two weeks, say “Human Centipede 2”, originally given an R18+ rating by the Australian Classification Board for its depiction of ‘High impact themes, violence and sexual violence’, had it’s rating reviewed and as a consequence it’s now been refused classification. As such, the film is now a no-go zone downunder.

Pity for the distributor. They even rolled out star Laurence R.Harvey, who plays the villain in the films, for a recent promotional tour.

Harvey introduced screenings of “The Human Centipede 2”, including one at the Nova.

“Laurence was a charming guest. He made time to talk to the audience at the screening before returning after the feature to sign souvenirs for fans in the bar,” said Cinema Nova General Manager Kristian Connelly, “We’d be delighted to host him again.”

Interestingly enough, Connelly says he’s not a fan of the films – but then he’s also not into horror films in-general. Still, he recognized that there was an audience for “Human Centipede 2”, just as there is other scare flicks.

“The first film was watched as far away from the screen as possible, mostly through squinted eyes. But I have respect for entertainers who find new ways to get under our skin, and both films certainly delivered on that count.” It was Connelly’s idea to distribute vomit bags at the premiere screening, “to save on cleaning costs”.

Connelly says the film, which was expected to screen again this weekend at the Nova, has it’s fair share of supporters and they’ve taken the social networks to complain about the ban.

“Response to the news on Twitter was enormous“ noted Connelly, “there were a few comments applauding the ban but resoundingly our followers were outraged that censorship is still alive and well in 2011 and they’d been deprived of being able to make the decision about whether to see the film for themselves.”

Monster Pictures, who distribute the film downunder, are currently weighing up their options. At this stage, there’s been no suggestion of back-rooms, white sheets and a volunteer to keep guard.

“Human Centipede 2” and “Sir Les Patterson Saves the World” have something in common – I know!? who saw that coming!? – you’re shit out of luck if you want to see either film.

So what do you think guys? Should “Human Centipede 2” have been banned? Or is it no big deal – – and we can just hope that “Very Hungry Caterpillar” movie finally sees the light of day, instead?