Footage from the Sydney Premiere of Puss in Boots


The Australian premiere for “Puss in Boots” was held in the Harbour City over the weekend, with Paramount rolling out Dreamworks Animation head-honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg, the film’s helmer Chris Miller and stars Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek (yup, it’s a “Desperado” reunion, kids!) to stump the flick.

Saw this little beauty on the weekend myself and must say it’s a fun little flick. Dreamworks are the anti Uwe Boll, they always deliver something of quality (for that matter, Dreamworks Animation’s staff cafeteria is also superb – they have this delicious sugar-free cinnamon ice-cream that’s to die for!). You’re especially going to love ‘little Puss’, gang.

Here’s some footage from the Sydney premiere :