Adam Shankman no longer busting balls, he’s cracking nuts!


Music-man Adam Shankman (“Rock of Ages”, “Hairspray”) is going from busting balls – on the feature film adaptation of “Rock of Ages” – to cracking nuts.

Deadline says the filmmaker has been charged with the mission of bringing “The Nutcracker” back to the big screen.

“Shrek Forever After” scribe Darren Lemke wrote the script for the flick, which is planned to be a late 2013 release via New Line.

This version of The Nutcracker goes back to the original 1815 book by E.T.A. Hoffman, about a young girl and a wooden toy soldier who comes alive and leads her on an adventure. The take is a drama with action and a love story that aspires to be similar in tone to Alice in Wonderland. It is shaping up as Shankman’s next film.

If I recall correctly, Macaulay Culkin appeared in a little-seen version of “The Nutcracker” back in the early ’90s. Must look that up. I’m sure I didn’t just imagine that.