Hottie Alice Eve to Spock things up in Star Trek 2


The original “Star Trek 2” had, er, Kirstie Alley, J.J Abrams’ follow-up to the 2009 “Star Trek” will have someone most of us would much prefer crawl out of Veronica’s Closet. Or any closet, cupboard or bedspread for that matter.

Alice Eve, the British beauty from “Crossing Over”, “She’s Out Of My League” and “Sex and the City 2”, is in talks to play a “big role” in the next “Trek”.

The Hollywood Reporter doesn’t know the role, but one can only assume the buxom blonde will be cuddling up to Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) in the 2013 release. Considering fellow pretties Teresa Palmer and Hayley Atwell were also said to be in contention to play the role, it’s safe to assume the part isn’t going to be that of a gunk-faced Klingon.

Eve has come pretty darn close to snagging some big roles over the past twelve months, including the female lead in “Captain America” (which went to the aforesaid Atwell) and that of Emma Frost in “X-Men : First Class”, so she must be stoked she’s finally not a runner-up.