Thor 2 loses it’s director!


I tell ya, Marvel has more drop-ins and drop-outs than a menagerie.

Patty Jenkins has departed her post as director of “Thor 2”.

Jenkins, who bet Noam Murro, James McTeigue, Drew Goddard and Breck Eisner to the prize, has left over “Creative differences” says Deadline.

Marvel is madly looking for a replacement. Assumingly, one of the guys above might get a call-back. Kirk Jones had also been briefly in talks before Jenkins got the nod, so he too might get a look-in.

“Thor 2”, set for a November 2013 release, sees Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman reprising their roles as the Hammer Wielder and, er, Hammer Wielder (sorry! too much?) in a sequel that’ll apparently take our characters to “literally other words”.